About us

We help investors, developers, and designers to present properties in such a way that they will make a lasting impression on future clients. With our visualisations you will take your offer to a whole new level!

We have turned our passion into a profession. We can provide you with a design that is not only fun to create but above all will prove invaluable to you during sales and negotiations.

Black Swan projects combine a high level of realism and mesmerising aesthetics – conveying unique emotions that your clients will identify with. A range of satisfied clients can certainly confirm this. Join their ranks!

About the founder of Black Swan

Paweł Trzciński: Architectural visualisations are my great passion. My specialist education, 12 years’ industry experience and my personal reliability all contribute to the high quality of my work. Your projects will be in the very best hands – promptly visualised in accordance with the best industry practices. Our visualisations motivate investors to invest, and they provide a whole new arsenal for designers and developers to successfully compete for new clients. Our work will convince even the most unconvinced.

    Are you thinking of commissioning the visualisation to an experienced visualisation studio? Email us or give us a call. We will be happy to answer your questions and clear up any doubts you may have!

    Paweł Trzciński
    tel. 793208383