360 visualisations – let your client really feel the space!

Are your designs robust and up to all standards? If you do not take care to present them properly, your potential client will barely remember anything about your offer.

Do you want to really grab your client's attention and make them love your offer? Serve them a real experience! Understanding is not enough. If you allow your client to fully feel the space you designed, you will stand out in a competitive market – and this will translate into more profit in the long term.

360 visualisations – a walk through a space that... does not exist yet

360 visualisations are a very effective but still underrated way of presenting a design of new property. It is even more realistic than 3D visualisations. 360 panoramas allow you to completely immerse yourself in another, emerging world.

A 360 visualisation will allow you to show the entire room on offer in a single shot. Such a spherical image is ideal for presenting the design of a single room or premises. Virtual walk-throughs are based on several 360 shots. Such scenes are made possible thanks to sufficient processing power of hardware and modern software. Processing the shots in a special software, we create a visualisation that allows you to virtually walk through the entire apartment or building, using just the computer mouse.

Make your client feel like they are already strolling through the halls of their new development – with just one click!

360 visualisations that look like the real thing

We pay attention to a high level of photorealism and a complete arrangement of the space in every design. The virtual walks we create allow the user to move freely through the entire available space – almost like in reality!

Building on experience, we will create a project that meets all your requirements and shows the viewer the object from the best side. We can advise and prepare sample solutions, but we will not impose them on you. You choose what suits you best!

The price of the service depends on the number of shots required to prepare the visualisation.

    Are you thinking of commissioning the visualisation to an experienced visualisation studio? Email us or give us a call. We will be happy to answer your questions and clear up any doubts you may have!

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