Architectural visualisations

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Only a well-crafted visualisation will be effective.
At Black Swan we create only such!

An attractively presented architectural design is a key element of a project. It provides a great advantage by making our design stand out from hundreds of others. It is said that a good visualisation is more than just a picture – it can be compared to a successful photograph which conveys emotions to the viewer and takes them on a kind of walk during which we present a story.

For this reason, we always try to place the design in a context or the architect's vision. We actively listen to the client and adapt to their vision in order to present the design in the most attractive way. Aware of how difficult this can be, we listen and advise at various stages of the project to ensure that the visualisation looks the way the client wishes it to.

MODERN SOLUTIONS – new possibilities

The current advanced rendering engines make it possible to achieve a very high degree of realism in visualisations, comparable to photography. We can easily insert an as-yet-unrealised idea into a photograph of a specific location to see how it will look before we start work. We can also see what a particular design will look like at a particular time of year or time of day. In a sense we can fulfil the dreams of the investor before the more complex building work begins.

Technology is not everything!

We are very keen to ensure that our work contains perceptible creative elements, so we find it important to work with light in our visualisations. We always try to create drama in our images, expressed through the mood or the client’s stories. It is important for us to reflect the character of the building and its surroundings, as agreed during the initial stages of cooperation.

Offer of architectural visualisations

Are you a developer or architect? You must know that only a well-presented idea is able to stay in the client's mind for a long time and the chances of capitalising on it grow exponentially. With us, you can properly show your clients a given property before it comes into reality, ensuring a competitive edge and helping boost your sales.

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