Product visualisations

When you are creating a product, you put a lot of work into it. You research your client's needs, fine-tune its functionality, in a nutshell – you spend a lot of time on it. What can you do to present it even better? Do you believe in your product? Don't hide it! Show it to your clients from all sides using a 3D projection. Is your task to sell your client's product? Present it using a professional product visualisation. Not only will you be able to show the full advantages of your product but you will also make your offer more convincing so your clients will be more likely to buy your product.

Product visualisations are much more than just mere pictures

A good visualisation tells the client more about your product than a traditional photograph. It allows the client to get to know every detail of the product. They can zoom in, zoom out and rotate the item at will. It is as if they already have it in their hands! 3D technology allows even the smallest details to be reflected. It accurately reproduces the textures, materials, and shapes of a piece of furniture, product, or packaging. The use of modern computer techniques makes our work look very realistic. Our extensive experience allows us to choose the most effective working methods. We can create visualisation of any product, in any variant, in the most favourable lighting. The client knows exactly what they are buying so sales go up!

Product visualisation also saves a lot of time compared to a product photo shoot – especially if the product comes in many variants.

Product visualisation offers many possibilities!

Visualisation of prototypes

Visualisation is a very effective tool even if the product does not physically exist yet. It allows you to show the client what the product will look like or how it will work while still developing the concept and make changes to the design on an ongoing basis.

Easy implementation of changes

Your product is first represented in the 3D model. It can be modified in any way you wish – from different colour variants, to changes in shape, frame, and arrangement.

Atmospheric design

Do you wish to make an even better impression on your client? We can put your product into context, for example create a visualisation of an interior with a sofa that your organisation manufactures, or present a given piece of furniture used by a real user.

Detailed product visualisations

For a visualisation to have a positive impact on sales results, it must be of good quality. A visually unattractive design can do you more harm than good. Therefore, we continuously improve our craftsmanship and keep up to date with industry trends. We pay attention to every detail. We know that the quality of our visualisations determines the success of your sales efforts.

We are committed to meeting your expectations while at the same time we can suggest possible solutions. Check out our completed projects! The price of the service depends on the number of shots of a given product, the number of variants and the complexity of the design.

Find out today how good your product can look!

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